Anti Stress Biaxol (Emotional Wellness)



Anti Stress Biaxol (Emotional Wellness) for Sale. Buy Fitness Tablets online. The Official Deus Medical Steroid, Peptides and Sarms Shop for Bodybuilders.


Lavender flower extract 300mg/capsule Ashwaganda 500mg/capsule


60 Capsules in Container

Anti Stress Biaxol (Emotional Wellness) for Sale

Stress can affect many aspects of our lives and can arise from a wide variety of causes that we cannot control. Instead, what we can control thanks to the Anti Stress are stress levels due to a specific combination of Ashwagandha and Lavandula essential oil extract, the combination of both ingredients will significantly reduce stress levels without causing any side effects.

Ashwaganda Facts

● Reduces stress levels

● Enhances sleep quality

Ashwaganda Storage:

Store Ashwaganda below 30°C.Protect from light. Do not freeze.


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