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CJC-1295 DAC Deus Medical for Sale. Buy (Tetrasubstituted 30-Amino Acid Peptide Hormone) online from the official Deus Medical Steroid Shop.

CJC-1295 DAC Deus Medical for sale


Tetrasubstituted 30-Amino Acid Peptide HormoneĀ 2mg/vial


1 Box of 1 Vial

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This peptide (Tetrasubstituted 30-Amino Acid Peptide Hormone) is from the GHRH class, DAC stands for Drug Affinity Complex, with this modification, it is possible to significantly increase the half-life of the compound, so that with just one application, it is possible to maintain high levels of GH and IGF-1 for several days.

Tetrasubstituted 30-Amino Acid Peptide Hormone

Due to its long half-life, we will only have to apply it 1-2 times a week (or even 1 time every 2 weeks, but ideally I would recommend an administration frequency of 2 times a week).

Taking into account the data from the clinical trials, the doses to be used for this drug would be (at least) 15-30mcg/kg/week. In bodybuilding preparations the doses that are usually used are 2000-5000mcg per week.


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