Epithalon Deus Medical (Epithalamine)



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Epithalon Deus Medical (Epithalamine) for sale

Epithalamine 10mg/vial


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Epithalamine Infos

This peptide belongs to the group of anti-aging peptides In fact, it is recognized as being able to prevent aging via Telomere elongation.

Epithalon Deus Medical (Epithalamine) has been seen in humans in cohort studies that it has the ability to improve insulin sensitivity, lipid profile, cardiovascular and respiratory function, and circadian rhythms in the elderly.

Epithalamine has also been seen that it can restore the secretion of Melatonin in the Pineal Gland in people with reduced secretion such as the elderly.

Another of its uses that seems to be observed in vitro are the Oncostatic and Antimetastatic, which is tremendously useful in medicine and for the user’s health.

In general, Epithalon Deus Medical offers a series of apparent very positive advantages to reverse aging through different mechanisms “attacking” the factors that increase said natural process and no clinically significant adverse effects are observed.

Dosage for Bodybuilder

There are several suggested protocols, first one is 10mg per day for 10 days, the second one is 5mg per day for 20 days, third one is 300mcg daily, without stating a limit, the most recent recommendation is injecting 10mg every 3 days for 15 days and repeat twice yearly.


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