HGH Deus Medical Deustropin

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HGH Deus Medical Deustropin for Sale. 4/12 (120iu) (Recombinant Human Growth Hormone rDNA. Buy original Somatropin from the offical Deus Medical Shop.

HGH Deus Medical Deustropin for Sale

Somatropin DOSAGE:

Somatropin DEUSTROPIN 4/12 (120iu box) (Recombinant Human Growth Hormone [rDNA origin]) HGH 4mg (12IU)/vial


1 Box with 10 Vials
120iu in Box

DEUSTROPIN 3.33 –  is the brand name of HGH (Recombinant Human Growth Hormone – rDNA origin ) produced by Deus Medical.

Human Growth Hormone Infos

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a peptide hormone produced naturally by the body both in men and women, responsible for IGF-1 generation, regeneration and reproduction of cells and growth stimulation and overall anti-aging like properties and bones and joint strength, quality sleep and energy, and mood boost. It has more positive effects than just muscle growth.  Rather HGH also helps with fat loss, recovery, and rejuvenation, especially when combined with other steroids.

HGH can be used during other anabolic steroids cycles to drastically enhance the resulting effects which can not be achieved with just steroids alone. This is especially true for those bodybuilders which have already achieved a high level of physique enhancement and further growth seems to come to a halt using steroids alone.

HGH Deus Medical Deustropin Using

Amateurs should settle down at around 2 to 4 I.U daily dosage which provides excellent results. Intermediate or advanced users who wish to stack HGH with other anabolics should increase the dose up to 8 I.U daily.

Girls can also achieve great results, without any virilization effects, just at 1 to 2 I.U daily dosages. Cycles will depend mostly on the desired results and the steroids being stacked, for a duration no less than 8 weeks, and sometimes even 16 and 24 weeks to see real results.

Somatropin Injection

Somatropin is injected subcutaneously rather than intramuscularly, thus most people prefer to inject it into the stomach fat

Negative Effects from HGH Deus Medical Deustropin

Due to not being an anabolic steroid, many of the typical steroid potential side effects are not present with HGH, The most common side effect is joint pain which results from actual joint strengthening, numbness in the feet and the hands, hypothyroidism, a shot-term diabetes type 2, there is an indirect risk of gyno, due to the way HGH interacts with the estrogen.

In Girls, virilization effects do not exist.


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