Thymosin Α1 Deus Medical (Thymosin Alpha-1)



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Thymosin Α1 Deus Medical (Thymosin Alpha-1) DOSAGE:

Thymosin Alpha-1 10mg/vial


1 Box of 1 Vial 10mg

What is Thymosin Alpha-1:

  1. Thymosin Α1 Deus Medical (Thymosin Alpha-1) is a major component of Thymosin Fraction 5 and is responsible for restoring and modulating immune function, particularly cell mediated immune function.
  2. Thymosin Α1 Deus Medical is thought to modulate the immune system by augmenting T-cell function. TA1 may affect thymocytes by stimulating their differentiation or by converting them to active T cells.
  3. It is widely used and studied in multiple types of cancer and viral illnesses also for chronic fatigue and Lyme disease as well as autoimmune function as well.

How to using Peptides:

Thymosin Α1 Deus Medical (Thymosin Alpha-1) is rapidly absorbed, achieving peak serum concentrations within two hours.

Inject 450 mcg once daily for one month.


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